A new concept in live performing arts

VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE is an audiovisual show enriched with visual effects that bring near the great works of the Opera, Zarzuela and Dance to environments where, for logistical, technical or economic complexity, have failed so far to provide such functions. With a virtual symphonic accompaniment, provides a rich sound high quality shades, offering a repertoire based on sublime compositions of the great composers such as Mozart, Dvorak, Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Tchaikovsky and many others from the that reached the sublime degree in their work.

Javier Sánchez, Choreographer and Dancer

Within the VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE show, Javier plays an important role because it is responsible for the choreography of the group while he also running on stage, which results in a perfect performance, as is done with same precision it was designed.

Estefanía Ariza, Soprano

Stephanie has a strong background covering various subjects, including the university. At the young age of 8 he began studying clarinet, an instrument that would participate as a soloist in various bands. Later, he began his vocal studies with Professor Letizia Marchini and subsequently...

Andrés Mundo, Barítone

f there was a typical figure prototype baritone 100%, that would be Andrés. His performances are dressed of robustness in the voice, energy in development and courage in the repertoire. Andrés began his musical studies at an early age, in which, in addition to singing at High School Sinnging in Madrid.

Ignacio Bas, Tenor

Like the rest of the companions of Virtual Opera House, Ignacio, who affectionately we call Nacho, besides being a symbol for us, is one of the most charismatic voices and appreciated in the professional world of Spanish operatic environment where we all we know and admire...

Rosa Miranda, Soprano

Rosa artistic skills go far beyond what his training as a teacher of piano and singing make suppose. A large part of his life dedicated to development, both intellectually and scenic, which has also received instruction in Jazz Dance and Dramatic Art in “Drama School in Anton Chekhov...

Esther Tablas, Dancer and Choreographer

Titled with honors in Top Grade Choreography and Interpretation of Spanish and Flamenco Dance from the Conservatory of Dance “María de Ávila” in Madrid and with over 10 years experience in all types of scenarios. Videos from this VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE ...

Rafael Serrano, Musician

Our director, and the person who devised the artistic proposal offering VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE and also responsible for the management approach to musical arrangements, adaptations, orchestrations, compositions and synchronization with data elements and projectors.