Audiovisual spectacle of Opera, Zarzuela and Spanish Dance

VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE is an audiovisual show enriched with visual effects that bring near the great works of the Opera, Zarzuela and Dance to environments where, for logistical, technical or economic complexity, have failed so far to provide such functions. With a virtual symphonic accompaniment, provides a rich sound high quality shades, offering a repertoire based on sublime compositions of the great composers such as Mozart, Dvorak, Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Tchaikovsky and many others from the that reached the sublime degree in their work.

Rhapsody Light, Dance and Color

Based Emmanuel Chabrier Rhapsody “España", this work provides a clear idea of ​​our own artistic offerings in a newly designed version that includes musical adaptation, arrangements and orchestration with virtual musicians as well as choreography and visual programming.


VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE interprets their musical works in the purest classical sense, in which the composer guidelines are scrupulously respected with a lovely orchestral sonority added


VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE offers a beautiful sight to enjoy the senses, in which the singing and dancing with visual effects, such as light and color games as well as projections, mapping and other effects are combined


VIRTUAL OPERA HOUSE is an artistic, dramatic and colorful framework that exploit technological advances to enlarge the performing arts, what is also a “Low Cost” show for easy access to all public